Spanish-American War, 1898

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COMPASS GAMES - Codice: CPS 1218
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Spanish-American War, 1898 is a two-player game of the Spanish-American War of 1898 by Vance von Borries. It recreates the strategic naval and land campaign against Spanish forces in Cuba and Puerto Rico. One player controls the American and Cuban units, while the other controls the Spanish ones. The game is played in game turns, consisting of alternating player turns in which each player moves his pieces and resolves any resulting combat. When all the game turns have been completed, the game is over, and the winner is determined.

The game is divided into separate but closely related land and sea systems. A campaign game combines both of these into one strategic game. The introductory scenarios should be played before attempting the full Campaign Game. Some specially marked land and sea rules apply only to the Campaign Game. You can ignore them when you play introductory scenarios. The Campaign Game uses all the rules. Using separate land and sea commanders, up to four players can play the Campaign Game.

Product Information:

  • Complexity: Medium
  • Playing time: 3 to 6 hours
  • Solitaire Suitability: Medium
  • Players: Two to Four (suitable for solitaire play)
  • Map Scale: variable (for both areas and hexes based on map)
  • Time Scale: 1 Turn = 20 Minutes
  • Unit Scale: 1 Unit = 1 ship or battalion/regiment
  • Game Design: Vance von Borries
  • Game Artist: Bruce Yearian
  • Project Director: John Kranz

Game Components:

  • Three color maps, each 22” x 34”
  • Two counter sheets of 5/8” counters
  • Two counter sheets of 3/4” counters
  • Five land set-up displays
  • Three naval set-up displays
  • Three player aid cards
  • Two random event cards
  • Two laminated naval status cards
  • Rules Booklet
  • One six-sided die
  • Box and Lid set
Maggiori Informazioni
Numero giocatori 1 - 4
Età Consigliata 16 +
Durata 180 - 360 min.
Lingua Inglese
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