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Advent Dice Calendar

It's high time to start getting ready for Christmas! We know this festive evergreen very well: waking up early in the morning, making a stumbly jog to the advent calendar, impatiently finding the correct number, forcing ourselves to be extra careful while opening the window, and the joyful discovery of chocolate or candy inside - this feeling is hard to match!

Sweets are great, but let's be honest: they're not for everyone nowadays. It's also hard to expect them to survive a long journey or long storage in a box... That is why we took matters into our own hands and created the Advent Dice Calendar! Kids of every age will find something amazing for themselves inside! Each day is a surprise, and each one brings a different polyhedron to expand your collection!

What's inside? Why dice, of course! A sure and guaranteed thing is the complete Christmas Dice Set, 8 polyhedrons decorated with dancing reindeer (with two versions of D4 - traditional and modern), and 15 other dice randomly selected from our iconic evergreens and the latest releases! And yes, you are in the right -- something is off with the calculations. Everyone knows there are 24 windows because this is the countdown to Christmas. So what about that one missing dice?

The answer is "nothing," as it's not a dice at all! In the last window, you will find a special metal coin decorated with Christmas motifs on both faces!

The Advent Dice Calendar  is also pretty unusual regarding the packaging itself; vividly colorful, with reindeer and a snow beast printed on the cover, it begs to become a gift in its own right. And what's amazing is that it's well ahead of the official gift time! Do you want to give it to someone? Go ahead! Do you want one for yourself? Take it! The Advent Dice Calendar exists to bring joy to everyone!

Each day brings a gift!

We think there is no better way to count down the days to Christmas than a daily gift in the form of a masterfully made polyhedron. These here are the real rewards for perseverance! Sure, you can open them all at once... but where’s the fun in that? We strongly recommend celebrating the thrill of everyday discovery! Each dice is worth the wait; firstly, they are real eye candies thanks to their colors and design; secondly, they have a practical application, as you use them in your games!

Jolly colorful — you will not find another Advent Dice Calendar such as this. It has more RPG vibe than anything Christmas-oriented - and more Christmas vibe than anything RPG-oriented!

Hardcover — the dice inside are safe, patiently awaiting their turn to be discovered.

23 Q WORKSHOP dice — the slots are filled with our highest quality polyhedrons, selected from the current offer, this year's premieres, and evergreens!

The Christmas Dice Set  — there is a full 8-piece set (including both traditional and Modern D4) in a new color and reindeer on the dice faces!

A metal bonus — we guarantee that there is also a special, metal, Christmas-themed coin waiting for you inside!

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