1866: Grand Tactical Rules for the Austro-Prussian War

CLASH OF ARMS - Codice: COA 1866
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Miniatures rule set covering the Seven Weeks War of 1866 involving the Prussians, Austrians, Italians and minor states.

This is the third in Bruce Weigle's series of rules covering warfare in the late 19th Century. It is primarily geared to small scale figures, i.e. 5mm to 15mm.

The book contains the period rules, scenarios and considerable period information, as well as notes on Bruce's stunning terrain models.

Publisher Blurb:

1866 is development of the popular 1870 and 1859/64 rules tailored specifically for the Austro-Prussian War, including the Bohemian, German and Italian theaters.

- Designed for fast, accurate resolution of battles with minimal tables (3) and modifiers.
- Includes three different scales for battles involving several corps per side down to regimental level engagements.
- Streamlined turn sequence; simple, proven command and control system; straightforward combat resolution.
- Four-sided cheat sheet included, for two different game scales.
- Suitable for 6mm, 10mm and 15mm basing systems; 1 inch = 100m; 1 turn =30 minutes.
- Includes 14 historical battle scenarios (8 in Bohemia, 5 in Germany and 1 in Italy), each with several historical variants.
- Extensive historical notes, military chronology, and complete Orders of Battle for entire war.
- Annotated bibliography of over 75 entries.

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Casa Editrice CLASH OF ARMS
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Durata 180 min
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1866: Grand Tactical Rules for the Austro-Prussian War