Air & Armor: Operational Armored Warfare in Europe, Designer Signature Edition

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Hofheim, 15:00. Commander: “Oh thank God, help has arrived!” Gunner: “Those aren’t ours….”

Air & Armor: Operational Armored Warfare in Europe, Designer Signature Edition marks the return of one of the most highly rated wargames on modern warfare ever published. Air & Armor is a company level simulation of a Hypothetical Soviet attack on West Germany in the mid-1980s. It depicts the collision of the Soviet 8th Guards Army and elements of the U.S. 3rd Infantry Division and West German 12th Panzer Division in a ferocious battle around the German city of Wurzburg. This new edition is lovingly recreated with new map artwork, new unit counters, new unit values and updated rules.

Air & Armor employs a highly interactive game system with asymmetric rules modeling the different Command & control techniques of each alliance. The game simulates all of the major aspects of modern warfare: reconnaissance, combined arms operations, air, helicopter and artillery strikes, chemical and electronic warfare and engineering.  Multiple levels of hidden intelligence produce a true “fog of war” and provide plenty of opportunities for deception, surprise and ambush.  Play this game to find out what it really might have been like to command a division in battle.

Based on detailed research from Warsaw Pact archives now available, this new edition includes a completely revised Order of Battle featuring one East German and four Soviet Divisions. Air & Armor includes a Basic Game, covering standard armor operations, and an Advanced Game that layers in air and engineering operations and Chemical and electronic warfare. Each game level includes four to six Scenarios, which are complete games in themselves. Extensive Scenario, Player and Designer Notes provide advice on play and historical detail.

Product Information:

  • Complexity:  Medium
  • Time Scale: 1 Turn = 2 Hours
  • Map Scale: 1 Mile/hex
  • Unit Scale: Companies and Battalions
  • Players: 2-7 players
  • Solitaire Suitability: Medium
  • Playing Time: 3 to 8 hours based on Scenario


  • Two 22″ x 34″ Maps
  • Five Countersheets (9/16″ size playiing pieces)
  • Two Player Charts & Tables Booklets
  • Five TO&E Displays
  • Basic Game Rules Booklet
  • Advanced Game Rules Booklet
  • Two 10-Sided Dice

Game Credits:

  • Designer: Bruce Maxwell
  • Artist: Bruce Yearian
  • Project Director: John Kranz
  • Box Cover Design: Bruce Yearian & Brien Miller
Maggiori Informazioni
Numero giocatori 2 - 7
Età Consigliata 16 +
Durata 180 - 480 min.
Lingua Inglese
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